Changes to the Offshore Wind Communicator as of March 2020


All of us involved in offshore wind have dedicated our professional lives to an industry we believe in. An industry that is built on the principle of doing the right thing.

The COVID-19 crisis affects everyone and we all have responsibility to play our part. Governments are supporting societies and economies and individuals are looking after their families and communities. 

The scale of the crisis is such that all industries must adapt immediately and radically in order to survive. 


Individual organisations have largely been swift to activate Business Continuity Plans and make seismic operational changes to protect their employees, customers and interests. Those actions were the necessary first steps, but they are part of 'business as usual'. And, as a global community and as an industry, we are now some way outside of that. Because of that, we must come together and behave like a family.

To do this we need to now think of ourselves as one business, not separate competitors. The health of our industry is reliant on the fitness of the complete supply chain. We need to ensure its survival in order to thrive.

What is needed now is a “supply chain” mindset: that means industry taking responsibility for its stability and growth; identifying the major impacts and potential consequences down the track and taking steps to mitigate against them.

We provide this service free-of-charge but we need your help so we can bring our sector together and make sure that our brilliant industry continues to shine a beacon once this crisis is over: contribute, share, engage. 

Offshore wind is built on the principle of doing the right thing so let’s take the lead and show others how we work together.


The Offshore Wind Communicator was initiated by TMS Media and Widesight to drive understanding, promote opportunities and prove expertise. At present, we are concentrating on helping to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the offshore wind supply chain. In the future, activities will be focused on specific industry needs.

It's a tool for industry

The Offshore Wind Communicator is a tool to help promote UK offshore wind, delivered by industry for industry.

The UK offshore wind sector is a great success story, with positive impacts on carbon emissions, economic growth, community regeneration and technology innovation. 

The ambition and commitment formalised by the sector deal has accelerated investment and momentum. There's a lot to do and a network of organisations is doing great things to support the build out, policy environment, workforce growth, export value and infrastructure development. 

There is as much to celebrate, as to look forward to. Coordinated communications is vital to share the successes, challenges and future needs, both within the sector and beyond it. An ongoing programme that publicises the wealth of activity that’s happening and creates new opportunities for sharing, learning and engaging. 

The Offshore Wind Communicator is a dedicated resource set up to do that, and only that. It’s a tool that helps you talk about the sector or to the sector.


To deliver the sector deal we need to bring in more participants and build support within communities and the public. 

It’s a colossal task. There are many, many organisations doing great things – but little coordinated communication of the successes, challenges and future needs. 

The Offshore Wind Communicator is a dedicated resource to do just that. 


It’s a tool to drive understanding, promote opportunities and prove expertise within the sector and beyond. 

We share information about the sector’s many success stories and create new opportunities for learning. 


We do this independently and on behalf of specific organisations.


Our programme of communication tools is guided by input from industry stakeholders. Audiences include:

  • Companies and individuals who are not yet participating in the sector, but could benefit and / or add value.

  • Existing supply chain and workforce.

  • Public, community and individual stakeholders.


It’s a tool that can be used by any organisation with an interest in offshore wind. 

  • People, communities and organisations who want to share success stories and messages which support the Sector. 

  • Businesses who are involved or would like to be and need to demonstrate value to the UK supply chain. 


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